What Does Plate Ice And Plate Ice Machine Look Like?

- Jul 30, 2017-

Have you ever saw plate ice? What does it look like? Big? Small? Do you know something about plate ice machine? Now, let’s follow me to learn about plate ice maker and plate ice with many wonderful pictures.

 1_副本.jpg  2_副本.jpg

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   Plate ice has the features of great density, high cleanliness, large cool storage capacity and adjustable ice size.

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              Plate ice is wildly applied to supermarket for fresh keeping and products processing7.jpg





                                      The whole look of plate ice making machine

Product features:

*Just consume 60kw power to produce 1 ton ice.

*Multiple system that has ice-making independently and ice-dropping independently function which shorten the ice making time.

*Evaporator material: stainless steel 304(SUS304).

*PLC controller so that easy to operate.


                                                    Plate ice maker and plate ice

                                               15 ton PLATE ICE MACHINE in Indonesia

 10.png  11.png

                                           Plate ice maker with Germany Bitzer compressor parallel unit

 12.png  13.png

                                                           Plate ice maker with 18 pieces

 14.png  15.png

                                                            Plate ice packing and using

 16.png  17.png

                                                        Our workmate with ice plant owner

                                                        20 ton PLATE ICE MACHINE in Malaysia

 18.jpg  19.jpg
                       Malaysia customer installed 20 tons plate ice machine with cold room to store plate ice.

 20.jpg  粘贴图片.png
        The customer is checking his machine, our boss Mr Yang helped the customer install the plate ice machine.

 粘贴图片(1).png   粘贴图片(2).png 

              Electric box shows the machine working condition and connects with the electric source.


                    20 tons plate ice machine with two Bitzer semi-hermetic piston compressor in parallel.


CBFI has install many plate ice machine around the world like Maldives, Malaysia. So if you are looking for this kind of machine, please feel free to contact with us. We can provide professional technology and services for you.