Warmly Welcome Our Bulgaria Customer Visit Our Factory

- Mar 14, 2018-

Warmly welcome our Bulgaria customer visit our factory


Today our Bulgaria customer Mr Stefan have a visit in our factory which located in Panyu, Guangzhou.


Mr Stefan is a professional engineer with his own ice plant mainly selling cube ice. Most outstanding is that he make the pure ice making machine for ice carvings and ball ice machine by himself. He has many ideas of the machine and share with our salesmen and technicians enthusiastically.



Mr Stefan is our old customer who confirmed the order of 5 tons cube ice machine before. Since the ice business is very good, after this visit, Mr Stefan decided to add one more 5 tons cube ice machine in the coming June to expand his ice business.



After checking the cube ice machine, Mr Stefan also show great interest in our new product Transperant Ball Ice Machine which was launched out last year. So we prepare whiskey for Mr Stefan to have a try in our factory.

图片6.png   图片7.png

Ball ice is widely used in upscale venues, such as bars, hotels, upscale restaurants and so on, adding to whiskey, alcohol and other drinks. Warmly welcome you to have a try in CBFI factory also.