To Prevent The Refrigeration Equipment Ice Plugging Six Links, You Must Know!

- May 17, 2017-

The threaded connection is loosened and fastened. To ensure that the pipeline high-pressure test pressure detection without leakage. The refrigeration circulating system pipeline is divided into high-pressure and low-pressure segments with four carbon flushing and nitrogen blowing and sealing for use.

2 compressor units must be strictly handled by step

Replace the new filter, and then blow the clean sealed refrigeration circulating system piping unsealed and the compressed unit quickly assembled. And then step 1 of the refrigerant dosing. Wait five minutes (wait for the refrigeration circulatory system piping internal high-pressure zone and low-pressure area pressure static equilibrium) power test machine.

V. Pay attention to moisture-proof

1, to the non-maintenance department to seal or seal moisture treatment.

2, is the maintenance department to be quick disassembly.

3, do not choose in rainy weather for maintenance.

6. Standby One recruit

But in all things in case, after maintenance, there is a slight ice plugging refrigeration equipment can use one way:

A, recycle refrigerant, replace the new filter;

b, in the high-pressure exhaust port series A large cubic freezer filter;

C, re-dosing refrigeration agent;

D. Bake in 1000W iodine tungsten lamp for refrigerated freezer cabinets (Note: Temperatures below 70 ℃).

E, power test machine one hours. Recycling refrigerant, dismantling and the high-pressure exhaust terminal in tandem with a large cubic freezer filters, replacing the new filter;

F. Re-dosing refrigerant.