The Working Principle Of Ice-making Machine

- May 17, 2017-

Ice-making machine can be divided into many kinds, there are small household, edible type, commercial type and industrial type, ice-making mechanism ice ice sheets are divided into many kinds, such as slice ice, tube ice, block ice, bullet ice, continuous ice, Fang Bing and so on the following look at the working principle of the ice machine is how.

Lear Ice Machine Working principle:

It is in a closed refrigerant circulating heat exchange process. External water access water flow into the water tanks, circulating pumps to the ice-making machine to the monomer in the water tray, water tray will be evenly sprayed into the evaporator inside the wall, water in the evaporator in the heat exchanger in the cooling medium quickly formed into the ice, spiral skates in the reducer drive, along the counterclockwise direction slowly will cut the ice, borneol rely on gravity to fall into the lower storage freezer, frozen water in the evaporation barrel into the wall of the water flap, flow through the diversion trough, the water tank to carry out the next cycle.