The Ice Added In The Beverage Is Not Sanitary And Clean? The Square Ice Machine Is Not Clean?

- May 17, 2017-

Recent small series often heard people say that the beverage of Fang Bing (ICE) is used in dirty water, bathroom in the waters, is not very scary? As an ice-making machine industry practitioners, let small series tell you, reality is not scary, just a very bone feeling. Most merchants will not use dirty water to make ice, because it is too easy to be found, dirty water will smell, will definitely affect the taste of the beverage itself. However, it is possible to use the water in the toilet.

Why this is said, the reason is that some merchants do not have water, but not like foreign direct drinking water, domestic public water can only be found in the bathroom. So, it's not hard to explain why merchants might use the water in the bathroom. Everyone knows that the clean toilet in the emergence of all kinds of bacteria are inevitable, coupled with the water of the chlorine smell, if directly used for ice-making mechanism, then the Fang Bing is apparently not clean. And even if there is water in shops, they usually choose to use water to make ice directly. As for the water in the chlorine flavor, some small square ice machine built-in filters can be removed, or some merchants will use small water filters. This can effectively remove odor, but small filter to the bacteria kill is not guaranteed. So why not heat and burn? Because the cost is too high, heating utensils, cooling utensils, heating energy consumption, these will lead to increased costs. It's hard to bear for a 10 square meter.