The Biggest Seafood Market Will Be Landed In Sanya, And The Demand For Cold-chain Equipment Will Increase.

- May 17, 2017-

According to the relevant departments of Sanya, in order to further improve the seafood market consumption environment, to help the transformation of tourism services products, Sanya will build the city's largest seafood plaza this year, the site has been completed, is expected to 86 acres, about the completion of the Spring Festival next year, the project will hit the Sanya tourism experience of boutique projects. If the Seafood Plaza is built, it is bound to increase the need for cold chain equipment, which will be a cold chain opportunity.

It is understood that the project to Sanya in the Tianya District Watermelon Village, adjacent to the "Coconut Dream Corridor" Sanya Bay, the entire project covers an area of 86 acres, will be Sanya's largest seafood plaza, the Seafood Plaza will enhance the service level of seafood catering, create a comfortable consumption environment, the lack of a reputation in Sanya, there are brands, there are large-scale problems, to meet the growing demand for tourism.