Sold A 3 Ton Cube Ice Machine In Zimbabwe

- Aug 23, 2017-

Last week, We received a friend from Zimbabwe in southeast of Africa. His name is Kunle who was born in Nigeria, and now living in Zimbabwe. Recently, He want to know more about ice bushiness. So he found us and visited our factory.

CBFI.pngice machine factory.jpg

The cube ice machine become more and more popular. So our customer want to buy the cube ice machine and one set of cold storage to start his ice business. The machine  installed in Zimbabwe. He is also a very friendly person.

With the invitation of our kindly salesman, Kunle look around our factory.

cube ice machine.png

They visited the cube ice machine debugging process in refrigeration machinery testing workshop. After technician operation and explanation,customer can know more about the machine.

 ice cube machine.png

As we can see of the picture, a big smile appear on Kunle’s face when they visited the finished product area.

With the development of ice business, cube ice machine also become popular in Zimbabwe.

 edible cube ice machine.png

Why more and more people want to buy our cube ice machine?

  • Our factory-CBFI is in the refrigeration fields for more than 15 years and insists the tenet of:Customer Benefit From Icesource.

  • On the other hands, the world's first 3 tons of edible cube ice machine was born in our company.

 packing cube ice.png

  • By improving the technology again and again, our cube ice machine become more power-saving. 

  • With the help of the heat ex-changer, the refrigeration efficiency have a big improvement.

  • Our technicians have been further study of energy saving so that making a great benefit to customers.

nice cube ice.png

So, with the economic growth, the cube ice machine of CBFI will be known all over the world.

If you are interested in beginning the ice business, Please tell us, we will provide professional technology and services for you.