People Rush To Grab The Cube Ice, Block Ice In Guinea

- Jul 09, 2017-

Our engineer sent some pictures of ice sale in Guinea dated on 07.08.2017. The ice business is very good there. Guinea’s customer has bought BBI50 (5 tons block ice machine), CV3000 (3 tons cube ice machine), ice storage from us –CBFI. All the machines are in Guninea to open an ice factory. The man in orange whose clothes has our company logo “CBFI” is our engineer. He installed the 3 tons cube ice machine and 5 tons block ice machine there.

CBFI-good ice business in Guinea10.jpg

(Our engineer and the customer)

For the hot weather and lack of water, the ice is very popular. In the first few days when the machine starting making ice, the customer is giving all his ice for free to thank for his customer in local place. As we can see from the pictures, people are standing in line to buy the ice. The block ice is used for cooling drinks, water, food, etc and the cube ice is for eating directly. More machines we will installed in Guinea in the near future. The more ice they need, the more we will supply.

    CBFI-good ice business in Guinea3.jpg     CBFI-good ice business in Guinea4.jpg
      (Local people are rushing for the ice)

CBFI-good ice business in Guinea2.jpg

              (The boy is happy for getting the ice)