How To Use Cold Storage For Fruit And Vegetable Preservation?

- May 17, 2017-

First of all, we must have a qualified, reasonable design of the cold storage (in the ordinary preservation of cold storage with the increase of gas-adjusted equipment, can improve the preservation of cold storage effect). Before the use of cold storage, thorough cleaning and sterilization. The dust, rubbish, stains, stagnant water and dirt on the surface of the equipment are cleared away from the warehouse, and the cold storage is sterilized by sodium hypochlorite solution or ozone. The final requirement that the refrigerator (including the library body and equipment) no garbage, no mold, no smell, no dirt, no insect mice. Cold storage also should be ventilated, the air in the library to be fresh.

Fresh fruits and vegetables should be handled well. Newly harvested fruits and vegetables will have more heat, not conducive to storage, to be soaked in cold water or with the cold air blower, thoroughly pre-cold. Fruits and vegetables to be selected, the sick, with the body of the individual injuries. The fruits and vegetables are also cleaned, preferably removed from the branches (leaves and branches with eggs and dirt).

Cleaning good fruits and vegetables, according to the needs of the late, with ventilation bags, bamboo basket, cartons, wooden boxes and other containers packed. After packing into the cold storage heap code, heap code to leave some gaps, so that the cold air flow into the cargo, and accelerate the fruit and vegetable cooling speed.

Before packing, with airtight, impermeable plastic film vacuum sealed packaging fruits and vegetables, can avoid the fruits and vegetables in the storage of dry consumption phenomenon to reduce quality; not packaging should pay attention to control the humidity of the cold storage, this will be explained in detail below.

The temperature of the cold storage should be adjusted, the temperature of fruits and vegetables is generally at 0 degrees or 0 degrees above, the specific temperature to see the fresh fruits and vegetables varieties, origin, harvest season, maturity level. During storage, the air relative humidity of the refrigerator is adjusted. Because of the fruits and vegetables, there will be water evaporation, fruits and vegetables will shrink dehydration, so the need to vacuum packaging fruits or vegetables to improve the humidity. The humidity of the refrigerator is controlled between 80%-90%. The humidification of cold storage can be watered by artificially watering in the library or using humidifier.