How To Operate An Ice Factory

- Jul 07, 2017-

How to operate a ice tube factory?


With the development of market economy. Ice become a necessary food in every part of our daily life, such as bar, drink shop, restaurant . 

So the ice business become  more and more popular, many people want to start a ice plant to do the ice business, 

but they don’t know how to operate an ice factory. 


Here I will take the ice tube machine for example to explain how to operate an ice factory.



we need to ready the necessary machine for a ice business .

1, Ice tube machine (from 1 ton to 50 tons per day, up to you) Contain the cooling tower

2, Cold room (we need to storage some tube ice to make sure we can offer tube ice continuously.

3, Packing machine (bags sealer, ice bags, digital scale )

4, RO water filter

5, Ice bin 



What we need to ready before install the machine reach to factory

1, we need to ready the electricity (industrial electricity ---3phase power)

2, enough water supply



Machine installation (take 30 tons machine for example)


From 1 ton to 5 tons machine, we only need to connect the cooling tower and the condenser, then everything finish.

From 10 tons to 50 tons, need the engineer help to install the machine.

after finish installation, the 10 ton to 50 tons machine need adjust to the best condition.



Machine running, when the first time to start the machine, we need to start the power to heat the temperature of the compressor for 5~8 hours.

Then turn on the compressor power, press the start button in the touch screen. Then the machine can start to make tube ice.



When the ice come out, we need two person to pack the ice, one people for packing , one people put the ice into cold room.



Machine maintain

We need to make sure the machine surface clean. And check the oil level from time to time.

Around six months to change the filter.

For more detail will be shown on the manual book.