How To Install A 30 Ton Tube Ice Machine

- Aug 07, 2017-

Last two weeks, CBFI engineer fly to Terengganu Malaysia to install a 30 ton tube ice machine.


The weather of Terengganu is very hot all the year, and the location is very near to the seaside. So there are many many fisherman, the ice in Terengganu is very popular.

图片 1.png


When our engineer fly to Terengganu, customer Already connect the pipe of the machine, and the base construction already finished.

Note: for the 30 ton tube ice machine, the machine unit and the evaporator is separate :

图片 21.png


If client can connect the pipe of the ice machine, it can help to save more time to finish the installation.



When we fly to customer’s factory, he already connect all the pipe of the machine.


So we just need to connect the power and water supply.

For the Power supply, the electricity from government not ready, so he use a generator to offer his factory.


After we connect the water and power supply, we check all the vale and start the machine.




The machine start to make ice , and the customers’friend come and visit his factory 



When everythings finish , remember to cover your machine .