Hinder The Development Of China's Ice-making Machine Industry

- May 17, 2017-

The quality of ice system and the upstream machinery, equipment, components and good or bad have the inevitable connection, they directly affect the level of ice maker. With the development of refrigeration compressor in China, the process of capital accumulation is gradually completed, and the space for developing is still very large. If our country has independent intellectual property rights of compressor manufacturing level to improve further, ice-maker heat exchanger and its processing precision and efficiency is further enhanced, its market share in domestic and foreign markets will have a greater leap.

From the overall environment of our country, the national policy of building environmentally sound innovative country is the rapid development of the ice-making machine industry, and the best conditions for policy are created. and the fund that invests in technological innovation increases sharply annually, so, the industry should revolve around our existing processing precision, low level of material problems, combined with the further improvement of energy efficiency level, research and development of environmentally friendly refrigerant and other issues, through the combination of research and production, put forward specific topics, as soon as possible focus on solving the relevant technical problems, to achieve rapid development and create

The downstream industry of commercial ice-making machine covers a wider range, including nuclear power, water conservancy, hydropower, construction, retail, chemical, medical, food, aquatic, mining, entertainment and so on. From historical and existing technical level, the technology of temperature control in the above-mentioned fields, using ice-making technology is the most economical and reasonable application program; no ice-making technology is applied, and it will bring about direct and significant loss to the related production and safety in the above-mentioned fields.