Have You Seen The Cube Ice Plan In Brunei?

- Dec 07, 2017-

Have you seen the cube ice plan in Brunei?

Have you been to Brunei, Brunei is a charming city in Southeast Asia. There are many tourist attractions, which attract you come back to Brunei again and again. Here share with you the wonderful picture.


The climate of Brunei is tropical equatorial. Annual high temperature open a big market of ice business. You can imagine how unforgettable when you can get a cup of drink with cooling cube ice inside during hot season.


The first large cube ice machine was invented by our boss Mr Yang, who is also a refrigeration engineer in 2005. After 12 years improvement, our cube ice machine development into a more automatic and energy saving type.


方冰 (23).jpg 

CBFI have sold many cube ice machine to Brunei before, and as customer require, our sales manager and engineer went to Brunei to do aftersales service for customer last month.




If you are thinking of the cube ice business also, no matter which city you are, please do not hesitate to connect with us. Our cube ice machine have been sold to 131 cities around the world. We can provide ice plant design according to your city ice business market also.