Fresh Fish Ice Cubes

- May 17, 2017-

Fish after harvesting, if not using living water stocking, will be lost in a short time. And if the weather is hot, the fish will spoil in a few hours. So when fishing boats, they will carry a lot of ice, and some ocean fishing boats, even on board the installation of ice-making machine and cold storage, in order to keep precious fish in time.

Here, a small compilation counts the types of ice that are suitable for fresh fish, as well as the characteristics of each ice.

Fish City mid-range mouth generally will buy a certain amount of briquette, and then crushing itself. Broken ice and fish mix in foam box, can achieve the same effect refrigerator. The advantage of using briquette is that low prices, and ice plants usually for the market or the dock for ice, some ice plants will directly provide crushed ice. The disadvantage is that the ice crushed by the briquette, the texture is hard, and the chestnut prominent, slightly less attention, easy to destroy the surface of the fish.

Another kind of ice that is often used for fish preservation is a slice of ice, often used for post-harvest preservation of some more expensive fish.

The shape of the ice sheets, and the texture is softer, will not destroy the fish body surface, coupled with the relative contact area large, has a higher freezing efficiency. The disadvantage is that the price is high, and because of the large surface area, the ice is easier to melt, to be aware of ice.