Devices Needed For An Ice Plant----take 3 Tons Tube Ice Machine In Philippine As Example

- Jul 16, 2017-

The tube ice is used for eating, so water filter is needed to purify the water first.


Water chilling unit is provided depending on the customers. The function of water chilling unit is to cool down thetemperature of the water, so that improve the cooling efficiency.


This is the tube ice machine. It is the machine that making tube ice.3_副本.jpg

Here is the ice outlet. The ice comes down from the hole. We can also put an electronic balance to weigh up the ice.


The sealing machine is used to seal the package.


As you see, here is the packing ice store in a small refrigerator for selling.


This is the cold room near to the tube ice machine. The packing ice is also store in the cold room for long time storage.




The worker is putting the ice into a small box, then use a car to send to the market.


The small ice factory ice very clean, and all of the worker have to wear uniform.


This is the picture of our workmate and the Philippine customer.


We have installed many ice making machine in Philippine, and there will be more in the near future.