Customer From Cameroon Comes To Guangzhou China With His Big Business Plan—20171119

- Nov 19, 2017-

Customer from Cameroon comes to Guangzhou China with his big business plan—20171119

Denis is our old customer from Cameroon. He has bought 6 sets plate ice machine, 2 sets cube ice machine from CBFI. In order to expand his ice business, few days ago he came to our factory to see his 13 tons block ice machine. He learnt the whole process of block ice machine operation, including how to add salt into the brine water tank and how to use the Ice hook.


Denis It's a good example for us to learn. On the way to the factory, Denis shares with us his experience and dreams. He had a business dream at the age of eleven, when most of us may still live a carefree childhood. He did not mention his dream with anyone. He kept it in his heart and just learnt hard and accumulated silently. After 12 years fighting, he finally built up his own company.


Denis already has 9 sets ice machine totally 70 tons ice per day, he still buy one more 13 tons block ice machine. He has a good plan of his ice business future. He said he will buy 3 more sets next years, because he wants to expand market from Congo to Mali. That is a great dream.


Thanks for Denis’s trust. CBFI will help our customers achieve their ice business dream by providing good quality and best price ice maker. We will build up the bright future together with our customers.


Do you have a business dream like Denis? If the answer is yes, do not hesitate to connect with us, CBFI will always be here for you. We sincerely invite you to visit our factory in Guangzhou China.

At last, share with you the deep meaning of our company logo CBFI---Customer’s Benefit From Icesource. We also do what we can do to make it come true.