CBFI 3 Sets Of 20 Tons And 1 Set Of 50 Tons Block Ice Machine Sold In Sudan

- Aug 29, 2017-

CBFI 3 sets of 20 tons and 1 set of 50 tons block ice machine in Sudan

Sudan, One of the most hottest countries in the world, was located between 9 degrees north latitude and return to the norther line, whole country area was under the direct sunlight, dry and hot is the national climate of the basic characteristics. No wonder ice is extremely popular there. Customer sold his block ice for eat. He cut his block ice into 4 pieces by length direction. hot sale in his local market.

Mr Makki who is in the ice business already wants to buy a new machine to satisfy more market demands, then he searched in the internet and found our company CBFI specializes in making the ice block machine. After communication for few months, he visited our factory and bought the 20 tons block ice machine. Which is his 1st 20 tons block ice machine in our factory. 

block ice machine.jpg

Block ice machine drawing

block ice machine....jpg

Installation of block ice machine on site

Our engineer with the customer workers

Ice storage

Meanwhile, another customer Mr Mahmoud also bought a 20 tons block ice machine from us after visiting. The customer factory is not far from Mr Makki.

 Customer visit our company again for another machine in June 2015-2.jpg

20 Tons block ice machine in sudan.jpg

As Mr Makki ice machine is working well, so he is happy to be reference for another customer, with his assistance, another customer from Sudan buy a 20 tons block ice machine in this year 2017, below is the customer 20 tons block ice machine testing in our factory.



This year we also got another customer who bought 50 tons block ice machine from our factory, the customer is so happy when they pay the deposits in our factory, his factory is under construction now and very soon we will install the ice machine in his factory. More details will be continued few months later.

Customer from Sudan2.png