Can Block Ice Machine Install Inside Container?

- Aug 13, 2017-

Many customers will ask whether block ice machine can install inside container. The answer is “yes”. CBFI has sold many containerized block ice machines around the world. Now, let me take Oman 12.88 tons containerized block ice machine as example. Clearly show you the containerized block ice machine.

This is design for 12.88 tons containerized block ice machine.


Containerized block ice machine inside.

粘贴图片.png 10_副本1.jpg

Including brine water tank, crane, hoist, motor, ice melting tank, ice pouring shelf, water filling device. CBFI block ice machine with crane system is easy to operate, one worker can operate the machine well.

Cooling tower outside


Cooling tower is installed outside


It applies Germany Bitzer compressor, 6HE-28Y (middle and low temperature type), two pieces parallel design.

All of the materials are stainless steel 316(SUS316)

3.png 5.png

6.png 4.png

Stainless steel 316 materials: ice can, ice can shelf, brine tank, brine tank covers, coil evaporator, brine tank frame, ice thawing tank, and ice pour shelf. We have different materials: stainless steel 304, galvanize, stainless steel 316. Customers can decide which one they want.

Block Ice

7_副本1.jpg QQ图片20170215145839.jpg

Block ice comes down from the pour ice shelf, and the worker is trying to take the ice to the ice storage.

Does this message provide you a general idea of containerized block ice machine? Does your business need this kind of design? If you want to know more about it, please feel free to connect with us. Professional technology and services will be provided for you.