7 Sets Cube Ice Machine In Dubai

- Aug 14, 2017-

Recently we sale 7 sets 3 ton per day ice cube machine CV3000 to Dubai ( United Arab Emirate)

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As you know Dubai is a rapidly growing international and modernization city in middle East. Every years have countless people travel to Dubai , and the weather in Dubai is very hots, so the edible is very very popular.

Also in order to offer customer enough ice at any time, he buy a cold room to storage ice.

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图片 22.png

Engineer install the machine in Dubai 

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图片 1222.png

Why customer will choose our cube ice machine , so here let me introduce the ice machine to you as follow : 


Machine main design diagram


Our cube ice machine :

1, have Ambient temperature auto-adaption system , make sure the machine will have enough production in different area

2.we have our unique design , the machine Patent No.:ZL201420070472.X

3.Low electricity consumption

4,Semi- Automatic packing system , save a lot of labor cost.



15 years specializing in Ice making machine industry

we have many certificate and patent 


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