3920m³Big Cold Room For Seafood In Lusaka, Zambia’s Capital

- Aug 12, 2017-


Have you ever seen a big room with high quality? Do you want to expand your aquaculture business or other business by using a bigger cold storage? Congratulation! Here is a good way for you to know more about it.

CBFI 3920m³big cold room was built in Lusaka, Zambia’s capital. Because our customer want to expand his aquaculture business and his container freezer used before can’t satisfy the needs of large refrigeration seafood anymore. Beside, Lusaka’s temperature is high all year round, so CBFI good quality big cold room is a good choice. 


Let’s see the installation site:

粘贴图片.jpg 粘贴图片(1).jpg

All the materials arrived at Lusaka.

CBFI- Fish Storage cold room8.jpg CBFI- Fish Storage cold room8.jpg

Floor panels and side panels installation.

Panels are 200mm polyurethane panels suitable to a big cold room.


We adopt specific design, using inner steel supporting frame design.

CBFI- Fish Storage cold room18.jpg CBFI- Fish Storage cold room12.jpg

Cooler installation: only four Alfa Laval coolers we used for the whole big cold room. 

粘贴图片(2).jpg P51017-101022.jpg

Sealants to avoid cooling air loss                                            Embossed aluminum panels installation.


Corollary equipment installation: lay the foundations, build the concrete strong tower, supporting frame installation. Fundamental construction based on design drawing and building standards.

P51101-162641.jpg P51119-075610.jpg

Evaporative cooling and cold room installation.


All the installations were finished!!

CBFI- Fish Storage cold room9.jpg 

Manual sliding door installation: door size is 1800mm*2500mm.

There are high efficiency electric heater preventing freezing among door leaf, door frame and the floor.

CBFI- Fish Storage cold room14.jpg 


Finally, 3920m³Big Cold Room for seafood was completed.

      Our customer was excited and satisfied. Hope him have a good business in the near future.

IF you’re looking forward to expand your business by using big cold room. Please connect with us, we will provide professional technology and services for you.