3 Tons Flake Ice Machine In Somalia Africa

- Aug 20, 2017-

Mr Kurt from Europe is doing business in Somalia Africa for many years, he has flake ice machine and ice storage from Europe before, the ice machine is working well but the purchasing costs is high so it takes long time for him to get his profits back and earn money. As the business is growing, the ice demand in the market is increasing, so he decides to buy a new one from China, thats when he begin to contact me in April this year. After talking for less than 1 month, he has gain confidence in the ice machines and our company products, from then he begin to arrange deal with us.

Flake ice machine.jpg

 cold room.jpg

air cooling fan inside.jpg

cold room outside looking.jpg

During the manufacturing of the ice machine, we took videos and also pictures for the ice machine, after checking the testing ice machine, Mr Kurt is satisfied and pay the balance for us to ship the machines to him.

loading of the ice flake machine.jpg

Below is the video link for your reference.


About 2 weeks ago, customer send me some pictures back as the ice machine is working well and he sells ice to fisherman near his factory, it looks very nice.

 flake ice machine with ice storage.jpg

Customer is making ice with machine

customer use flake ice (3).jpg

customer is buying ice 

customer use flake ice (2).jpg

using ice for fishery

customer use flake ice.jpg

Meanwhile customer also buy some spare parts for his 1st ice machine, the spare parts lists are as below for reference.

Expansion valve danfossTES53
Drier filterDCL305S2
Cartridge of drier & FilterD-484
Solenoid valve castelEVR151
Siemens control boardTD400C1

And if you have any questions, feel free to contact us!