10 Tons Tube Ice Plant In Djibouti

- Aug 22, 2017-

Djibouti in West Bank Aden Gulf, Northeast Africa has hot weather. Desert and volcanoes cover 90% of the area. Temperature can reach 40 to 50 in summer.

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Tube ice is very popular in Djibouti. Our Djibouti customer discovered the large market of tube ice. So he ordered 10 tons tube ice machine from CBFI to start his tube ice business.

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Below is our Djibouti’s 10 tons tube ice plant, similar with the 20 tons tube ice plant, it can provide you a clear idea about your ice plant.


Djibouti’s 10 tons tube ice machine includes tube ice machine evaporator, tube ice machine unit, water pump, cooling tower and water pipes. Cooling tower is usually installed outside.


Other related ice factory equipments of Djibouti’s 10 tons tube ice machine include: ice storage bin and ice storage cold room. Ice storage bin is for short time ice storage while ice storage cold room is used for long time ice storage.


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Normally, other customers will buy water filter, water cooling unit or ice packing machines also. Since tube ice is edible ice, water filter is necessary. Water cooling unit is needed in high temperature places. As for ice packing: it includes sealing machine, electronic balance and ice delivery car. With all of this, your tube ice business will be better.

Our engineer helped Djibouti customer install tube ice machine in the local place. The man on left is our engineer. After installation, our customer starts to sell his ice. As you can see, ice is popular in Djibouti, people are arguing for one bag ice.

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Are you interested in tube ice plant? Would you like to start tube ice business to earn more money? Our company-CBFI has 1~30 tons daily capacity tube ice machine. Diameter can be 22mm, 28mm or 35mm. More information please feels free to connect with us. Glad to help you with your business.