What is a tube ice machine

- May 17, 2017-

Tube Ice Machine (Tube ice machine) is a kind of ice-making machine. Because of the shape of the ice cubes for the irregular length of the hollow tube type, the inner hole in the 5mm~15mm cylindrical hollow tubular ice, the length of the 25mm~42mm between, there are a variety of sizes to choose, the ice diameter is: 22, 29, 32, 35mm, and so on. The Ice Cube is produced by name Tube ice. Contact area of the market for the smallest species of existing ice, the best resistance to melt, suitable for drinking product modulation, decoration, food ice preservation and so on, so most of the edible ice.

Guan Bing is more regular hollow cylindrical, outer diameter divided into 22, 29, 32mm, 35mm four kinds of specifications, highly 25~60mm unequal, the middle hole diameter can be adjusted according to ice-making time, generally between 5~15mm. Ice is thicker and transparent, beautiful, long storage period, not easy to melt, good ventilation. Daily edible, vegetable preservation, fishing boat water products preservation and so on.