The introduction of ball ice production line

- Mar 12, 2018-

The introduction of ball ice production line


Ball ice is usually used in upscale venues, such as bars, hotels, upscale restaurants and so on, adding to whiskey, alcohol and other drinks.     

Compared with adding small ice cubes, Small ice contact with a larger total area, reduce the temperature at the same time, the ice is also melted into the water, diluted whiskey flavor.


But the ball ice fully occupy the cup space, the entire surrounding environment can be evenly cooled down, but the dissolution rate is slow, both in the guests drinking time play an ice effect, but also to avoid excessive dilution of water and affect the taste. In addition, this can enhance the visual experience, stimulate the fragrance of whiskey bloom. At the same time weakened the original stimulus of alcohol, to maximize the maintenance of the original taste of a cocktail and enhance the experience of drinking.

It is because of the special ice ball, we recommend that customers selling ball ice is a unit of sale, for example, 2 to 3 US dollars, rather than the traditional kilogram to measure.

Ice ball will open a new era of ice market!!!

Market ball ice  VS  CBFI ball ice


Obviously we can see that our ice ball is more competitive.

100% Transperant

100% Smoothly Surface

100% Roundness

1, Using purified water to make ice, food contact grade material shaver is to make ball ice edible.

2, Ball ice no bubble, beautiful, suitable for high- end consumer sites.

3, High efficiency to achieve mass production.

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