The development course of tube ice machine

- May 17, 2017-

1748, Professor William Cood, at the University of Glasgow Laboratory, demonstrated the principle of artificial refrigeration.

1850, Florida physicist John Gree showed the first ice-making machine in his private party. The sign of artificial ice into industrialization.

1929 German University of Technology (RWTHAachen) of Aachen, professor of Physics J. ErgenHans in Cologne invented the world's first ice tube machine. And in 1932 in Frankfurt set up K-Linda (Ke Linde) company, for the European royalty, the top catering facilities to provide ice-making machine service. It marks the commercialization of artificial ice.

1950, founder J-ErgenHans, the son of A.P, in the United States, Alex Ferguson applied for the Tube Ice Machine patents (2496155) and set up Ke Linde (United States) company. The following year was renamed Focusun (Ferguson) RefrigerationCorp.

1986, Shanghai Aquatic Company purchased the first ice-tube machine in China for food preservation.

2009, the company set up branches in Shanghai and built factories, engaged in ice-tube machines and other refrigeration equipment R & D and manufacturing.