The advantages of ice sheet in food processing

- May 17, 2017-

The advantages of ice sheet in food processing

1, the ice mechanism of high efficiency, small loss of cold volume

Ice machine adopts cold water surround spray system ice, the whole evaporator fully contact water, and rapidly evaporation form ice, spiral ice skates quickly formed by cutting scraping, evaporator and evaporation tubes are used high-efficient insulation layer protection, cold volume loss;

2, Ice machine production of good quality of borneol, drying non-bonding

Chip ice machine evaporator adopts spiral groove structure design, the liquid supply evenly, the evaporation efficiency is high, the water poured into the ice bucket and the refrigerant to do the full heat exchange, forms the thick and Dry ice layer, the general thickness can reach the 1.8~2.5mm, the Borneol dryness is not easy to bond, facilitates the user's use;

3, ice sheet production of a variety of ice-rich, simple structure, small footprint

The ice machine has the freshwater type, the seawater type, the self-belt Leng Yuan, the user self-distribution cold source, with the ice storehouse and so on many series. Nissan ice Volume by 400Kg/24h-50000Kg/24h and other specifications, users can use the occasion, use of water quality to choose the appropriate machine, ice machine, small size, simple structure, easy installation, small footprint, low noise advantages, the use of the venue is good.

4, the Chip Ice Machine PLC programmable control system, stable performance, arbitrary control

Chip ice machine using PLC programmable control system to achieve control, operating performance is stable, safe and reliable, users can according to the power of random control chip ice machine automatic boot and automatic shutdown period, to achieve energy saving, automatic control.

Ice Sheet production Features:

5, the Ice machine operation is simple, hygienic standard is high