Past and Present Life of Cube Ice Machine

- Aug 07, 2017-

Past life time

The first miniature cube ice machine was born in 1980 with capacity of 30kg to 1755kg. Cube ice was widely used in drink shop, restaurant and hotel. The small capacity and size of miniature cube ice machine is suitable to household and small business.

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Present life time

With the development of the market, the first large edible cube ice machine was invented by Guangzhou Icesourse’s founder-Hongbo Yang in 2004. The first 3 tons large cube ice machine was sold to Guangzhou Huang Zhenlong herbal tea company.



New Large Cube Ice Machine

  • Space-saved: integrated design, the structure is compact.

  • Material using: Stainless steel 304(SUS304) with high quality and good-looking.

  • Low electric power consumption: 85kw.h/ton cube ice in summer; 70-80kw.h/ton cube ice when the ambient temperature is lower than 23(for those small cube ice machine, 150-160kw.h/ton cube ice). We adopt first-class compressor and best brand refrigeration components as well as sophisticated detailed design, which ensure the cube ice machine to reach first-class energy conservation and environment protection standard.

  • Capacity: Large cube ice machine has 1-20 tons capacity.           

  • Easy operation: adopt PLC system design, one-button to operate the machine on and off, ice thickness self-regulation, ambient temperature auto adaptation, automatic supply ice-forming water and facilitated condensing pressure steady system, no need manual operation.

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  • Automatic cube ice out going system: to match special ice packing equipment, it not only reduce the manual power, but also ensure the clean and safety of cube ice, meet the sanitary requirement, obviously improved competitive advantage of cube ice.


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  • Adopt two technologies: flat plate heat exchange and circulating heat ice-dropping technology, which solve the small cube ice machine problem of low production, high electricity consumption and ice dropping not steady. It also protects the machine compressor. The two patent technologies provide technical assurance for cube ice machine going to the world.



For the stable working condition, energy saving, space-saved, automatic ice outlet and environmental protection, large cube ice machine from CBFI was selected to supply ice for Olympic Games in 2008 and The World Expo in 2010.

CBFI will never stop improving ice making machine. We will provide automatically ice plant design, including design, produce, installation and after sale service. CBFI means customer benefit from Icesource. If you cooperate with us, we will try our best to help you with you business.