Nugget Ice in Southeast Asia

- Mar 20, 2018-

Nugget Ice in Southeast Asia

Affected by the local climatic conditions and traditional habits, the demand for ice in Southeast Asia is very large. Ordinary cube ice is harder than the biting force of people's teeth, consumers have an influence when they chew and swallow.


Nugget ice is squeezed from the evaporating plate by a blade below the sub-zero temperature then recombined at a low temperature. Nugget ice particles formed in this way are homogeneous, compact in shape, small in water content and slow in melting. What's more, this type of ice is easy to chew like a soft candy. When chewing on ice, it can also feel the taste of the beverage mixed in nugget ice, making it flavorful.


What's even more interesting, nugget ice blended with coffee, a new type of beverage, a coffee-flavored shake, can be obtained, which will give operators more choices in beverages. Also, adding jam and nuts on nugget ice is crispy and tasty. In addition, nugget ice can be laid and placed, flattened at the bottom of the display cabinet to cool the drinks (similar to the fresh table laying flake ice to keep the fresh talent of fresh food), truly achieve a multi-purpose effect.