Installation method of block ice machine

- May 17, 2017-

1, ice-making machine placement

(1) The machine should be placed in the air circulation, surrounded by a safe and clean place.

(2) The machine should not be placed open, not by direct sunlight and rain shower. It's not near the heat source. (container type can be used outdoors)

The use of the machine environment can not be less than 5 ℃, not higher than 38 ℃.

(4) Machine four weeks should have enough space, especially the rear cannot be less than 150mm. For the machine to heat.

Please adjust the anchor screws at the bottom of the machine to ensure the machine placement level smoothly.

2. Installation of water system

(1) Please connect with the local drinking water standard.

(2) When necessary, the filter is connected to improve the drinking standard of water.

(3) The water supply system must satisfy the following conditions:

A, the lowest water temperature 2 ℃, the highest not exceeding 38 ℃

b, the lowest water pressure 0.02MPA, Max 0.8Mpa

3. Installation of power supply

(1) The power supply must be identical to the machine nameplate.

⑵ all lines must conform to national standards.

3 must be reliable grounding, grounding line must conform to electrical standards.

(4) voltage fluctuation shall not exceed ± 10% of rated voltage.