How to storage the vegetables and fruits by using cold room?

- Dec 02, 2017-

With the development of the market economy, the process of production, transportation, sales and storage of fruits and vegetables agricultural products need cold room for the preservation. If operation of storage is not good, it will certainly affect the preservation of fruits and vegetables, so that they may deteriorate during storage or quality, affecting the seller's benefits.


The following are the steps of storage fresh fruits and vegetables by cold room:

First of all should be have a qualified quality, well-designed cold room for retaining freshness fruits and vegetables. (in the ordinary cold room add air conditioning equipment, can improve the cold room effect).

Secondly, To conduct a thorough cleaning and sterilization before using cold room. The dust, trash, stains, water, equipment, surface dirt of the cold room should be removed, and then use sodium hypochlorite solution or ozone to sterilize the cold room. The final request freezer (including libraries and equipment) no garbage, no mold, no smell, no dirt, no worms. Cold room should be ventilated, fresh air inside the room.


Thirdly, Fresh fruits and vegetables will be harvested with more heat which it is not conducive to storage. Soak with cold water or use a hair dryer, thoroughly pre-cooled.

And then, Fruits and vegetables to be selected, the sick, with body injuries excluded individuals. Besides, we need to clean the fruits and vegetables, it is best to remove the foliage (foliage will be with eggs and dirt).

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Fourthly, According to the needs of the latter, we should use a ventilated net bag, bamboo basket, cartons, wooden boxes or other containers installed the good fruits and vegetables. After packing into the cold room heap, stacking to leave some gaps, so cold air can into the goods, speed up the cooling rate of fruits and vegetables.


Before packing, using airtight and impermeable plastic film vacuum sealed packaging fruits and vegetables, it can avoid the phenomenon of dry storaged so avoid decline of the quality also; if not packed, pay attention to control the cold humidity, which will be described in details below .

Cold room temperature to be adjusted, the temperature of fresh fruits and vegetables are generally 0 degrees or above 0 degrees. the specific temperature of the good depends on the variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, origin, harvest season, maturity and so on.


During storage, adjusting the relative humidity of the cold room. As fruits and vegetables during preservation, there will be evaporation of water, fruits and vegetables will shrink water loss, so the need for vacuum packaging or increase the humidity in the store. Cold room of humidity to be controlled between 80% -90%. Humidification of cold room can be manually by sprinkling water in the room or using a humidifier to humidify.

Fruits and vegetables will release carbon dioxide and ethylene at the same time, it is not conducive to fresh air, using air cleaner, deoxidizer, nitrogen generator, carbon dioxide removal machine, ethylene removal machines and other air-conditioning equipment to eliminate harmful gases, the production of favorable gas conducive to preservation.


Fruits and vegetables out of the room, due to the difference between the temperature inside and outside, fruit and vegetable condensation will be formed on the surface of the droplets, it may affect the post-operation of fruits and vegetables.

To avoid this situation, Can be moved its into the heating room, or the cold room temperature slowly increased, so that the temperature slowly rise to fruits and vegetables and outdoor temperature is similar, and then handling.