Functional division of cold storage

- May 17, 2017-

It is an artificial refrigeration method for the processing and storage of perishable food buildings, its basic components: refrigeration system, electrical control device with insulation function of the warehouse ancillary buildings. The classification method of cold storage can be classified according to its function, such as Preservation Library (3), cold storage (-18 ℃) Frozen Storehouse (-35 ℃), can also be divided by use such as production cold storage (cold processing capacity), for the use of turnover, distribution of cold storage (receiving cold processed food, transport transit) and life service cold storage (dispensing food types, to meet the needs of life work), but also can be divided into small and medium: Large cold storage (1500 tons or more), medium (100~1000 tons), Small (below 100 tons).

Cold storage has the following characteristics:

1, compact structure, strong security reliability.

2, using the latest technology to ensure the realization of technical indicators, and can achieve maximum energy saving.

3, reasonable price, after-sales service has a reliable guarantee, high efficiency, high degree of automation.