Fresh fish preservation

- Aug 14, 2017-

If fish does not put in the water after captured, they will die in a short time. And if the weather is hot, the flesh of the fish will degenerate in a few hours. So ice is needed for sea fishing. Some fishing boats even install ice machines and cold storage on board, in order to preserve valuable fish in time.

Here, I will introduce different types of ice which are suitable for fresh fish preservation, as well as the characteristics of the ice.

1. Block ice


We often find block ice using for fish preservation in fish market. Crushed ice and fish are mixed in the foam box. This can achieve the same effect as refrigerator. The advantage of using block ice is that the price is low, and the ice will be supplied by the ice plant at regular time or even crushed ice is directly provided by ice plant.

2. Flake ice:

Another kind of ice used for fresh fish preservation is flake ice. It often used for valuable fish preservation.


The advantage of flake ice is that flake ice is soft and has regular shape, so that will not damage the surface of the fish. What’s more, it has higher freezing efficiency with couple relative contact area.

3. Plate ice:

There is also a common ice used in fish preservation----Plate Ice.


Plate ice can be described as the combination of flake ice and block ice. Plate ice is more durable with longer freezing time and lower ice temperature. It also has higher freezing efficiency with regular shape and large contact area.

Guangzhou Icesource(CBFI) still has plate ice machine key inventive patent as the earliest inventor. After 15 years of continuous improvement, plate ice machine from CBFI becomes high efficient, energy saving and low machine fault rate. In conclusion, plate ice machine is the best choice for fresh fish preservation.