Edible Cube ice Is Not Clean? Cube Ice Machine Also Not Clean?

- Nov 19, 2017-

A lot summer is coming , a cup of ice cola or ice milk tea is more essential at outdoor.blob.pngblob.png

But recently often people say that the cube ice is make of dirty water or the water in the bathroom, do you feel so terrible? As a specialist in the ice making industry, the reality is not horrible actually, but very skinny. Most ice suppliers will not use dirty water to make ice, because too easy to be found. With the not good smell of the dirty water that will certainly affect the taste of the drink itself. However, it is possible to use the water in the bathroom.

Why we said that, the reason is that some ice suppliers don’t have water in their shops,also don’t have public drinking water directly like abroad. So the public water sources can only be found in the toilets. It isn’t hard to explain why ice suppliers may use the water in the bathroom. As we all know that there are all kinds of bacteria also in the clean toilets which are unavoidable. Combined with the chlorine water taste of tap water. The ice must obviously not clean when making ice use this water directly.

Secondly, even if some suppliers use the water that inside the store, they may usually choose to make ice directly from tap water. As for the chlorine water taste in the water, some small ice machine built-in filter or using a small water filter, those ways can effectively remove the smell. But the small filter on the killing of bacteria can not be guaranteed.

So, why not boil it? Because of the high cost, heating the dishes, letting the cool dishes cool, and heating the energy, all of these will increased costs. This is unbearable for a 10-square-meter cold store.blob.png 

Whether cube ice will certainly be unclean or not? Of course not, now there are more and more ice-making edible ice plants appear, these plants use large-scale edible cube ice machine, supporting large water purification equipment, Through the national QS (now SC production license) food safety certification Only listed after the operation. They provide a clean, hygienic, convenient and cheap bag of ice for all ice merchants.


What’s the advantage of large cube ice machine?

Because of supporting large-scale water purification equipment and using the food-grade 304 stainless steel which ensure the cleanliness of cube ice. As the high degree of automation, there is no human exposure on the entire flow of water, making ice, ice packing etc. Also energy more saving than small cube ice machine. Not only get more high-quality ice, you can also save costs.IMG_20160813_091041.jpg

Above are the reasons why I recommend you choose Guangzhou Icesource Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Icesource is the inventor of large-scale edible ice machine, since the invention of the model in 2001, until now have 15 years of improvement and development, the stability of the industry-leading.

On the one hand, Guangzhou Icesource has a strongest R & D team, adhere to product improvement and new product development, product technology to ensure that leading. On the other hands, Guangzhou Icesource has a perfect service team to provide high-quality pre-sale, sale and after-sales service, to ensure the quality of shopping experience.粘贴图片.png粘贴图片(4).png