Cool Drinks With Adding Freezing Ice

- Aug 30, 2017-

Cool Drinks With Adding Freezing Ice

HOT!  HOT!  HOT! Summer like a stove, Coke adding ice is perfect in extremely hot weather!

cube ice in coke.jpg

Today, I will introduce more drinks which fit for adding ice into in summer.


Carbonate Beverages

Adding ice into Carbonate beverage is a good choice in summer. Specially, adding ice is perfect when you feel the carbonate beverages is too sweet. It not only cool down the drink, but also can dilute the density of sugar. In addition, colorful carbonate beverages with crystal clear ice can make you feel cool and also the colorful of drinks and life.

cube ice .png

Fruit juices

Juices, in particular concentrated fruit juice is good for adding ice before drinking. ice can reduce the temperature of the juice slowly, which can avoid losing the feeling of sweet taste with the tongue due to cooling rapidly.

Juices with ice have a sense of hierarchy, the taste of fruits become extrude after the sweet taste is inhibited in low temperature. Besides, suitable dilution let you feel comfortable for drinking. ice.png 

cube ice in juice.jpg_wh300.jpg


Coffee? Right! It is coffee! in daily life we have the coffee made of coffee beans, the Instant coffee and the can of cold coffee . Today, we talk about the evolution of cold coffee with ice. If you love coffee, you can have a try. It can weaken the sweet taste, so the true coffee flavor will appear when you add ice.  

tube ice in coffee.png

Soda Water

Soda water, as a weak taste drink, is not happy enough to drink in summer. Boldly try to add ice to drink after reading this article. Add more charm to the feelings of ice cooling.

cube ice in cube ice.png

At that time, do you want to try some iced drinks? Actually, I am going to challenge the legend of Asian drinks, Shashi as well as Laoshan white snake grass water.

Finally , cube ice and tube ice are more suitable adding into drinks and which  obtain easily in the market and daily life.



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