Amazing! What’s the Good Ways to Clean Incrustation in Cube Ice Machine?

- Aug 16, 2017-

As we know, incrustation may appear in evaporator, water box or water pipe of cube ice machine after using for a long time.


Generally speaking, we have to check the cube ice machine after using for about half a year. If there is incrustation inside the machine, clean it on time. On the conditions that the ice machine is working well, after continuous working for 1 year, its necessary to do a overall maintainence to the machine when you use for one year, including clean the incrustation.

Here are some instructions may help you:


Firstly, use edible vinegar to clean. Because the vinegar having acetic acid inside which will react to the incrustation and produce the CO2 and other ingredients which can remove the incrustation efficiently.

(1)And white vinegar is the best on all kinds of edible vinegars.

(2)Guangzhou Icesource large cube ice machine has automatic cleaning function which will save much edible vinegar and clean more easily. Just need to put some edible vinegar into water box, and press start, the washing process will start automatically.

(3)While small cube ice machine doesn’t have this advantage, so it may waste lots of edible vinegar.


Secondly, use dilute hydrochloric acid or dilute nitric acid. They can remove the incrustation better, especially the stubborn incrustation.

(1)CBFI cube ice machine evaporator is nickel plated brass there is no need to worry about the damage of the ice mould while cleaning.

(2)Pay more attention about that, Guangzhou Icesource cube ice machine evaporator can resist 70% concentrated nitric acid, while evaporator materials of some suppliers just resist 4%. So it’s important to control the concentration of hydrochloric acid and nitric acid.

(3)A warm notice, use more water to clean the system at last for avoiding residual.

5 tons ice cube machine 2.jpg

Thirdly, It’s important for you to choose suitable detergent to clean the machine.

(1)Better for you to select a variety that can be used for food machinery. Avoiding Toxic substances.

(2)Pay attention on acid concentration. Because of avoiding corrosion of the machine.

5 tons ice cube machine 3.jpg

In Summary, to fundamentally avoid the evaporator damage during removal of incrustation of the machine, you should choose the CBFI production of large edible cube ice machine.

(1)It solves the problems of low capacity, large power, off ice instability. In addition, the cube ice machine can reach 100% capacity and low power of 80kw·h/ton in standard condition environment temperature 32 degree, supply water temperature 20 degree. Let’s take Guangzhou as an example, even in the hot summer the ice machine can reach above 92% daily capacity.

(2)Ice thickness can be adjusted and the ice thickness doesn’t change due to ambient temperature changes after debugging.

(3)Compared with similar refrigeration systems. CBFI system add cellular channel protector can decay 50% speed of compressor’s cop .