Advantages of vacuum pre-cooling of edible fungi

- May 17, 2017-

The vacuum pre-cooling has the advantages of long preservation time, the original sensory and quality of edible fungi, the best can restrain or kill bacteria and microorganisms, low running cost and prolong shelf life. But also note: Vacuum precooling process often accompanied by the shortcomings of fresh water loss.

Edible fungus is regarded as the treasure of food in its high nutritional value, delicious taste, low calorie and health care function, known as Shan delicacies. But the fresh edible fungus moisture content is high, the organization tender, in the picking, transporting, unloading and the Tibetan process extremely easily causes the damage, causes the metamorphic rot. Therefore, it is very necessary to study the preservation of edible fungi.

The preservation of edible fungi is divided into two parts: physiological preservation and pathological preservation. The physiological preservation of mushroom body temperature, control respiration intensity and light intensity, control of mushroom body moisture, pathological preservation of the specific performance of medical care, physiotherapy, improve the body of mushroom immunity and storage environment sterilization measures. The influence of the storage of the body of the child, the effect of respiration on the storage of the sub entity, the changes of organism tissues in the late stage of storage, the natural oxidation of child entities during storage. Environmental microbial invasion of child entities, mining descendants for the mechanical injuries of the child, and other aspects of the main factors influencing the preservation of edible fungi and the characteristics of fresh edible fungi and low temperature on the impact of edible fungi to determine the temperature is the quality of edible mushroom fresh product The most important factors of conclusion.