Adding ice drinks inventory

- Oct 16, 2017-

Adding ice drinks inventory


Summer is coming soon, a glass of ice drinks is definitely the first choice for summer heat. Today, author make a inventory of variety of drinks which suitable for ice. Today's protagonist is ---- wine.


Cocktails with ice

For modern cocktails, ice has become the main ingredient, even without ice cocktails, will generally be iced or the use of ice cups. As we say the ice cup, is used before the cooling of the glass. Low temperature can make cocktails taste better, because the taste of the tongue can be reduced by the low temperature, drinkers will not be cocktails in the spirits of the transition to stimulate the ingredients. Do not know cocktail friends, may produce cocktails and ice is to "blending" misunderstanding, and even take the initiative to ask the bartender "less ice", but in fact, this is the destruction of this cocktail, it is easy to make the Bartender angry.


Adding ball ice in hockey whiskey

Now buy a bottle of wine from all over the world is nothing new, all kinds of whiskey, brandy, vodka, and even rum, gold wine can be found in the shopping plaza. Many friends who drank these foreign spirits must be found that the taste of these wine is often too Madden, the taste of alcohol is often overwhelming the other taste, occupy the entire tongue. So almost all of the foreign spirits can be added ice, especially high-quality whiskey and brandy, through the ice cooler, you can reduce the stimulation of alcohol so that drinkers can really taste the delicious wine.


Chinese rice wine with ice

Rice wine is one of ancient wine in china, except for Shaoxing daughter red, champion red, as well as Shandong Jimo wine, Jiangxi Ji'an solid winter wine and other places of wine. Winter plum boiled "wine", boiled is china rice wine.

As we normal know, rice wine is hot drink is better. But in the hot summer, around the stove to cook a pot of wine does not seem to be a good choice. But in fact, the rice wine to join the plum boiled, and then cooling and adding ice. At last, the taste is both excellent taste and health care.

Also has a lot of wine suitable for adding ice to drink, the quality of liquor with the better flavor. because of its high degree of association of drinks, adding ice later, it not only will not reduce the taste, but also the wine become more balanced, more delicious taste.

Spring flowers have been open, summer is not far. To a glass of ice wine, and cool to spend a summer.


Tips: The most important thing is the pure ice on the impact of a lot of drinks, unclean ice will pollute the wine, the smell will damage the taste, bacteria are sick, so clean ice is essential.

Small cube ice machine because of direct contact with personnel and no efficient supporting water purification equipment, the ice is easier to clean the system.

 At present, only some areas have large-scale edible ice plant, the use of large-scale water purification equipment and large-scale edible ice machine, and provide daily delivery service. Efficient water purification equipment and large-scale consumption of ice machine automated production of the combination, because no direct contact with people to ensure that the pure ice. because there is no public direct drinking water system, small businesses have been ice production water problems, large cube ice machine made from CBFI constitutes a large ice plant, this is the future trend of the ice industry.