A new kind of machine can solve easily the high consumption

- Sep 14, 2017-

Every mouth high consumption cost is the most worrying thing of bosses. Especially in summer, twenty-four hours machine working follows with rapidly consumption increasing. Ignoring the high investment cost of import ice machine, the power consumption of 160k.w.h. for making one ton ice is still barely satisfactory. Cube ice machine adopts running form ice making water to ensure nice look of cube ice. The consumption of water also increases due to its special design.


Here, let me show you some ways to solve the problems above.

Way NO.1 is to buy imported ice maker. Imported ice maker has a lower level of energy consumption, with good quality and stability. But because of its high cost, the return of investment is slowly, and 160 degrees of power consumption is not low enough.


Way NO.2 is to make some improvements in water consumption. Recycle ice making water by using water filter. This may needs a certain amount of investment, and water quality will has a certain impact.


Way NO.3 is to purchase bag ice directly from nearby large edible ice factory. Ice plant generally uses large-scale edible ice machine (large edible cube ice machine), with low power consumption and water cycle system, which save power and environmental protection. The cost of production gets down, so the price of ice is more acceptable.粘贴图片(1).png

Way NO.4: Why not start your own ice plant. Sincerely recommend cube ice machine of Guangzhou Icesource Refrigeration Equipment Co. Ltd. for the following reasons. Guangzhou Icesource is the inventor of large edible cube ice machine with invent patent. Since the invention of the model in 2001, it has been 15 years of improvement and development, the stability of the machine is industry-leading.


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Guangzhou Icesource cube ice machine features:

1. Function of Heat exchanger(CBFI Exclusive Applicant)

*Cooling the ice maker refrigerant, make them flow into the expansion valve in a lower temperature, improve the refrigerating efficiency.

*Some of the Return-refrigerant after making ice is in liquid, heat exchange evaporate into gas make all the refrigerant back into compressor in gas, avoid liquid impact of compressor.

*Energy saving, is low to 80 kw.h per ton ice.


2. Water saving: ice making water can be recycled with Water level controller below.


Guangzhou Icesource has the strongest R & D team, to ensure product technology leadership. Guangzhou Icesource also has a strongest service team to provide quality pre-sale, sale and after-sales service to ensure high-quality purchasing experience.

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