Tube Ice Packing System

Tube Ice Packing System

CBFI Automated Packaging System is design for ice packing. For tube ice machine, ice will come out and get into ice bin, than automated packing system will delivery ice from ice bin and pack ice. size of the bag can be 2kg, 5kg, 10kg... for 5kg bags of ice, cbfi automated packing system can pack 15-25 bags of ice in 1 minute. it means you can pack 4.5 -7 tons tube ice in 1 hour.
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Product Details

Automatic ice packaging machine

for large cube ice machine and tube ice machine, we can use cbfi automatice ice packing machine. ice can pack automaticly and unmanded. size of bag can be 2 to 15 kg per bags. if you need, we can design for you base on your requirement. for the packing machine, 15 to 25 bags of ice can finish in 1 minute, is very conviend for large ice machine packing.

Product Description

1. Designed to meet the food standard. All products contacted area is covered by high quality SUS304.

2. It is multi-functional, can be used in different products packaging. Easy to use, finger controlled style, super intelligent, high performance in both speed and accuracy--All in one machine.

3. The whole process is controlled by a touch screen monitor which complied with a PLC system. All information includes running state, operation order, error state, production data processing are display by the touch screen. You don’t need to pause the production for revising parameters and adjusting position.

Advantage of ice packing machine

1. Full automatic packing system of ice packing machine, save labor cost and production cost.

2. Make sure the ice plant can realize large scale production.

3. Make sure ice is clean and health for eating. All part contact with ice is SUS304 material.

Full sets of ice packing machine.

1. Automatic ice packing machine


2.PE film (for making ice bags)


3.Electricity control box (With touch screen,it have multiple versions such as English, Spanish,Arabic, Russian,etc.)


4.Lifting system ( deliver the ice to the ice bin)


Ice packing process


The machine parameters

Packing Speed

15~25 Bags/Min



Bags Material


Machine total power


After-Sales Service of ice packing machine

* Training how to install and use machine before delivery(Detail mannul book will be delivery together with the machine).
* Delivery machine with manual. Offer video.

* 24*7 Telecom or Online face to face communication available to help your problem.
* Engineers available to service machinery overseas.

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