10 Tons Cube Ice Making Machine

10 Tons Cube Ice Making Machine

10 tons Industrial Cube Ice Machine CV10000 Features CBFI 10 tons industrial cube ice machine is good-looking, integrated-design, elegant and generous, PLC automatic control, and adopts 304 stainless steel material to meet the sanitary requirements of production. Supporting the use of our...
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10 tons Industrial Cube Ice Machine CV10000

cube ice machine


CV series cubic ice maker is the first ice maker with four dominant technologies: ice thickness automatic adjustment, temperature automatic adaptation, automatic ice water supply, condensation pressure stabilization system. The ice making process is fully automatic, cubic ice has beautiful appearance and no thickness difference. Two patented technologies, flat plate heat transfer and circulating heat deicing, are reasonably adopted to solve the problems of small cubic ice maker with low production, large power consumption and unstable deicing. CV series cubic ice maker has become the world's first choice.

cube ice machine

Cube Ice


1: Large-scale ice making: Machine design in outdoor high temperature to ensure production. In summer, ice production ranges from 90% to 95%. When the ambient temperature is lower than 23 C, the ice output rate can reach 100% - 130%. (For small cubic ice makers, summer ice yields range from 50% to 60%).

2: Low power consumption: When the ambient temperature is lower than 23 C in summer, it only takes 85 kw.h to make 1 ton of cubic ice. (For those small cubic ice machines, a ton of cubic ice requires 150-160kw.h.)

3: Easy to operate: using PLC system design.

4: Save space: Integrative design, compact structure.

cube ice machine

PLC Touch Screen


Dimensions of edible ice: 22mm*22mm*22mm*22mm or 29mm*29mm*22mm;

Power supply forms: 380V_420V, 50Hz/60Hz, 3P; 220_240V, 60Hz, 3P; 440V_480V, 60Hz, 3P;

Operating conditions: water supply temperature: 21 ~C, environment temperature: 25 ~C, condensation temperature: 40 ~C.

(Note: Actual ice production varies with water supply temperature and ambient temperature, the final explanation of the technical parameters of the above products belongs to CBFI. If there is a need for technical change, no further notice will be given.)