Direct Refrigeration Block Ice Machine

In 2011, Introduced the first generation of automatic type direct cooling block ice machine. The automatic type block ice machine has 1-30tons daily capacity. It is widely used in docks, ice-making plants for food processing and preservation, aquatic product preservation, cooling, ice sculpture shaping, edible ice manufacturing. The size of the ice cubes can be customized and they can be shredded into different shapes.
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Direct Refrigeration Block Ice Machine

At present, there are many manufacturers of direct cooling ice block machines in the market, why choose CBFI® brand? We have 16 years of mature research and development experience, a 20,000 square meter factory, a skilled technical engineer and a mature after-sales team to ensure the high quality and high service of each customer's direct cooling ice block machine. Of course, it is also inseparable from the advantages of our direct cooling ice block machine. Let's understand it below:

1、 Deicing water

       (1). Water deicing + water recycling, from deicing smoothly to time, saving deicing time and electricity costs

       (2). The deicing system of the refrigeration system adopts a single working condition design, and the system is stable, avoiding compressor damage, poor oil return of the unit, low pressure and other problems, making it more stable.

        2、Evaporator processing technology

       (1). Specially designed evaporator, side evaporator reinforcement ribs, the evaporator adopts screw + welding processing method to ensure that it will never be deformed

       (2). The evaporator adopts a serrated flow channel design to increase the heat exchange area and high ice making efficiency

        3、Operation automation and convenience

        Simple installation and easy operation. Fully automatic operation includes automatic water injection, automatic ice removal, automatic ice transportation, saving labor

        4、Value-added services

       (1). Intelligent cloud control of the Internet of Things, with a high degree of automation

       (2).The professional team provides an automatic warehousing combination plan3


Application of Direct Refrigeration Block Ice Machine

The kind of block is totally clean enough for drinking, most of our clients are used for human consumption, while it is also used in pelagic fishing, fresh keeping, temperature controlling and ice sculpture. Especially for hot regions, such as Africa, Middle East, Australia, etc. What's more, the block ice has a dominant advantage than other types of ice, it's solid, strong and not easy to melt, so it's perfect matched for transport in long distance and fishing industry.




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