5 Tons Block Ice Making Machine

5 Tons Block Ice Making Machine

CBFI 5 tons Block Ice Machine for Southeast Asia Features 1. Modular design, easy to install and maintain; 2. Saving energy, 75~80 kWh to produce 1 ton block ice; 3. Full automatic control system, low labor force costs and low maintenance costs; 4. Environmental-friendly refrigerant R404A and...
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CBFI 5 tons Block Ice Machine


5 tons Block Ice Machine Features

  1. Modular design, easy to put in and maintain;

  2. Saving strength, 75~80 kWh to supply 1 ton block ice;

  3. Full automatic control system, low hard work force costs and occasional maintenance fees;

  4. Environmental-friendly refrigerant R404A and etc;

  5. Using agitator with better heat change effet, no want stressful about the high value for repairing the water pump

5 tons Block Ice Machine Applications

  1. Ice factory

  2. Food preservation

  3. Aquatic goods preservation

  4. Water/Drinks cooling

  5. Edible ice



5 tons Block Ice Machine Advantages

  1. Applied Bitzer compressor that is the excellent logo for ice system all over the world;

  2. Weight of block ice: 2.5kg,5kg, 10kg, 20kg…100kg, can be customized;

  3. Coil pipe evaporator is the key to enhance the bloodless trade, so the refrigerating green is increased;

  4. Fifteen years to make a piece of equipment, Icesource block ice device energy consumption as low as sixty three kWh according to ton of ice;

  5. Intelligent manage system, the ice making manner is unmanned;

  6. Fast ice making, excessive hardness, resistance to melting, and production isn't laid low with ambient temperature;

  7. Guangzhou Icesource's block ice device has a median service lifestyles of more than 20 years.

If you have any quotation, please answer the following questions.

  1. What is the each day manufacturing of the block ice gadget? We have 1T, 3T, 5T, 10T up to 100T and extra.

  2. Which cooling approach do you prefer, water cooling, air cooling or evaporative cooling (for the Middle East)?

  3. What is the ambient temperature and water temperature?

  4. Which refrigerant will you use, R22 or R404A?

  5. What is the voltage, frequency and phase? Do you want a generator?

  6. How large length of block ice do you need to sale?


F: The warmness trade float channel adopts the patent generation of multi-dimensional turbulent warmness switch with independent highbrow assets rights of CBFI; A:1. The drift charge of the brine reaches 0.5 m/s, and the relative flow fee is 450 m3/h (normally 2 hundred m3), which increases the heat exchange efficiency by using 35%, in order that the power consumption is as little as sixty two kWh/ton; B: Compared with the traditional generation, every ton of ice produced can save greater than 30 kWh. (A 10 ton ice gadget can boom the annual internet profit by means of more than 50,000 yuan) Because the warmth exchanger go with the flow course of CBFI ice system adopts our multi-dimensional turbulent heat transfer patent era with independent intellectual property rights; the salt water go with the flow price reaches 0.five m / S, and the relative go with the flow rate reaches 450 m3 / h ( Generally 2 hundred cubic meters), the heat exchange performance is directly increased with the aid of 35%, and the power consumption is therefore as little as 62kw.H/ton. Compared with the conventional generation, every ton of ice produced can keep more than 30 ranges of electricity, consistent with 10 tons of day. For the ice gadget with capacity, the annual internet earnings can increase through more than 50,000 yuan.

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